Loukas Kastrounis - Franco Regalzi "The Founder & Leading Authorities of the European Wing Chun Association".
With Authorized schools in: England, Italy, Greece, Canada.


Training courses or workshops/seminars in Europe - Greece, Italy, England, France, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, USA, Canada, Turkey on request.

For more details contact us at: europeanwingchun@hotmail.co.uk


Regular training classes on Wing Chun/Kali Eskrima for beginners, advanced students & Instructors.

Training classes held in Reading - Berkshire, Dartford - Kent, Portsmouth, as well in Kritsa kwoon, Crete Island Greece & Tortona, Milan, Italy.

To join our association as a student or to become trainee Wing Chun Instructor under the European Wing Chun Association, APPLY ONLINE.

Loukas Kastrounis - Franco Regalzi, taught and completed the system under Si-Gong Master Wong Shun Leung, Sifu Nino Bernardo at "The Basement".